Wood Look Rubber Tile(Grey)


Size: 15*91 cm.
Color: Grey


฿400.00 / Sq.m.

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More Description :

Wood look rubber tiles Features

Easy to install

Simply peel the sticker and stick to the area where you want to apply the Wood look Rubber Flooring.

High Durability

It’s can last up to 7-10 years of used. The rubber is flexible and strong. You can use it a little tougher. It will not break easily.

Temperature resistant

Suitable for using in both high and low temperature environment. It can take longer in the fire situation.


It’s easy to clean because of the waterproof benefit.You don’t have to fear that it will damage your beautiful floor or leek to the bottom layer.


It comes with the 3d texture that you can feel the look of the wood. Plus that make the floor slip resistance.


The size of each tile

You can use this information to mature how many tiles you need to use in order to cover the area.

Colour choices


1. Basic

At the first row, use full length tile and half tile as a setup roll. Then put all full length tiles til the end.

wood vinyl flooring installing

2. Variety

Use 3 different sizes at the first row to add more variety look to the floor.

wood vinyl flooring installing

3. Creative

Put the tile 90 degree to each other and you will get the zig-zag look of the wooden floor.

Delivery Choices

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