3D brick wallpaper(Yellow Marble)


Size: 70*77 cm.
Color: Yellow Marble



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More Description :

3D Brick Wallpaper Features

Easy to use

Simply peel the sticker and stick to the area where you want to apply the 3D brick wallpaper.

Best for DIY

You can be creative with the design all you want. You can mix the color. Or make a word out of the block.

Water Resistant

You can use water to clean the surface with no worry. No more headache with the strain in the wall.

Baby Friendly

PE foam is a soft material, so it is a lot safer than the plain wall when you have a kids running around.

Sound Absorption

The material is PE foam build with the brick texture. It can absorb the sound vibration. Good for privacy.


The size of each block

You can use this information to mature how many pieces you need to use in order to cover the area.

How to use 3D brick wallpaper

1. Ordinary paste

This method is the easiest way to use 3d brick wallpaper sticker pad. And because of no cutting, you can get the maximum area per one piece.

2. Creative cutting

This method you can be more creative and get more realistic texture. And you get the spare block from the cutted parts.

How to cut 3d Brick Wallpaper?

1. Corner piece

Leave corner side as a nice square, then cut the smaller block out. Preparing space for the middle piece.

2. Middle piece

Cut the smaller block out for both side to be able to place it perfectly fit with another piece.

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