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3D Brick Wallpaper | Wood Like Rubber Flooring

3D Brick Wallpaper
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Wood Vinyl Flooring
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3D Brick Wallpaper

We know how difficult to deal with the painting job. We need to spend whole precious day and big amount of money. Didn’t even have to mention about the cleaning time yet.

And now we find a better way to have a nice wall.

Introducing 3D brick wallpaper. Super easy DIY Sticker wallpaper that can stop all the madness and make your place look 10 times cooler.

Easy to install

Simply peel the sticker and stick to the area where you want to apply the 3D brick wallpaper.

Best for DIY

You can be creative with the design all you want. You can mix the color. Or make a word out of the block.

Water Resistant

You can use water to clean the surface with no worry. No more headache with the strain in the wall.

Baby Friendly

PE foam is a soft material, so it is a lot safer than the plain wall when you have a kids running around.

Sound Absorption

The material is PE foam build with the brick texture. It can absorb the sound vibration. Good for privacy.

Wood look Rubber Tile

Making a new floor is almost the highest cost of renovate the place. Moreover, it’s no so flexible since you have to reconstruct the whole floor and go though the long and messy process.

Introducing the wood look rubber tile. Flexible, Durable and super Easy to use. The most important, it is stunningly beautiful. You can do it yourself with no cost added. Simply just peel the sticker and apply it on the old floor. There you had it.

Office, School, House, Condominium, Market, Hotel and even the Hospital.

Easy to install

Simply peel the sticker and stick to the area where you want to apply the Wood look Rubber Flooring.

High Durability

It's can last up to 7-10 years of used. The rubber is flexible and strong. You can use it a little tougher. It will not break easily.

Temperature resistant

Suitable for using in both high and low temperature environment. It can take longer in the fire situation.


It's easy to clean because of the waterproof benefit.You don't have to fear that it will damage your beautiful floor or leek to the bottom layer.


It comes with the 3d texture that you can feel the look of the wood. Plus that make the floor slip resistance.


Wood look Rubber Flooring

3D Brick Wallpaper